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Seclusion On Softonic since September 2011

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"Paltalk is a scam. Plain and Simple."

Paltalk has crap customer service, Zero reliability and you dont get what you pay for. Waste of $$.

  • Its slowly but surely Dying
  • As a ten year paltalk user, I must say. They lack customer service, They dont ever answer thier phones or reply to complaints or feedback. They over charge, and you dont even get the service you pay for. They break thier contracts all the time and get away with it. Paltalk support reps are lazy. I think its time to start a class action lawsuit. Thousands of people are getting ripped off and used, and Paltalk is getting away with it! This message was posted by paltalks finest customer, Seclusion. :)

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14 Sep 2011

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